Fitmin presents a new dog menu

Fitmin is introducing a new first-class range of holistic food for dogs, Fitmin Purity, designed as a full “menu”. The key component of the food is fresh meat in several variants, newly enriched with tasty and beneficial ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, fruit and vegetables and mixtures of herbs. The dog food will be available in eight options, four of which are rice-based and four made with a “grain-free” formula based on peas and potatoes. 

 skupinka Purity dog vse2


 “Two years ago, we introduced the successful Purity range for cats and in collaboration with nutrition experts started developing the Fitmin Purity Holistic range for dogs,” says Lubomír Holka, the marketing manager at Fitmin, adding: “It wasn’t easy to combine everything in a way that ensures we fulfil the individual needs of dogs at various stages of their lives while maintaining the best possible quality. But we are happy with the result.”


The formulae contain ingredients that are also used in human diets, especially because of their beneficial effects on the body (shiitake mushrooms, Herbs Vitality Complex, fruit, etc.). The main ingredient is fresh meat, which is added directly to the mixture during the extrusion process, and not just in a pre-dried form (meat/bone meal). Dogs can enjoy variants with fish, game, beef, lamb or rabbit meat. The meat is supplemented with either rice or grain-free ingredients.


The grain-free variants are based on peas and potatoes and contain no cereals, as these are often allergenic (e.g. wheat gluten and corn gluten). Peas also reduce the food’s glycemic index, preventing one of the most common lifestyle diseases – obesity.


Dog food with rice contains rice, but neither wheat nor corn gluten, which may be potential allergens for some dogs. Rice contains complex carbohydrates which are digested slowly, allowing the body to use the energy that is released over a longer period of time.